Erich and Blind Boy

  • ERICH SARBOLIS – Lead guitarist, good egg, wine connoisseur and the musical genius behind the band. He spent his formative years growing up in a Romanian orphanage, before begin discovered(playing the bed springs in a long abandoned padded cell) by a photographer from the Sunday Mail. Following a very public appeal for funds to bring him to Oman he arrived in 2000 and soon achieved his qualification as rock genius. He is the ‘Roll’ of the band and the only band member to have been chosen by John Peel (R.I.P) for his record of the week. Erich is very reluctant to mention this first step on the ladder to fame until he has had at least seven cocktails and half a bottle of Jacobs Creek (six medallions minimum). A true Ongo Boy.
  • BLIND BOY MCBRACKEN – He is blind and he is a boy – a talent to be messed with, the one, the only BLIND Boy. Don’t be fooled by the quiet unassuming nature of this young man, underneath that cool calm exterior he is simmering with blindness. First discovered playing the Delta Blues outside a night club in the steamy atmosphere of Auchtermuchty – speaking a mixture of pidgin english with a French/Glasgow lilt added complications to the phrase “it’s a braw, bricht, moonlight nicht” however its this uniqueness that has made him the classic bass guitarist of the modern era – listen and learn.

Speedy Kominski

  • SPEEDY KOMINSKI – what can you say about Speedy that means it won’t be censored. This is his second visit to the world of 123Orion, he had to leave at the first attempt because of his great love of Polish goats cheese; this little known addiction nearly ruined poor Speedy. However, the good news is that he has risen from the ashes, slightly worse for wear, but on the mend and no longer stricken by cheese demons. He brings a certain ‘cokolwiek’ to the line up and they love him for that.