Pling and Barp

Hawk Timimi and his Homies

Hawk Timimi

  • HAWK TIMIMI – 123 Orion have gone through a few keyboard players in recent years. They have set the standard too high for many, apologies to Zoon and Eek, but this man has it 100%. Years of working his finger magic in the throats of the rich and famous have paid off, he slips easily around the keys, as though he is performing a full root canal. Hawk acquired his name from a childhood spent with the a Tribe of Native Indians in the foot hills of the Black Mountains in Powys and Monmouthshire – “Iechyd Da!” Hawk.
Coco Starburst

Coco Starburst

  • COCO STARBURST – Not the newest member of the band and boy does she like Sax and Rock & Roll. Coco is another refugee from North of the Border (no, not Kazakhstan), she likes caring for sick animals, working with charities, drinking heavily, partying all night and also wants world peace. A combination that has made her a natural for 123 Orion. Her influences are Zoot the Muppet, Lisa Simpson, Plas Johnson and Lester Piggott; I think she is in it for the long haul, doobie, doobie, doooooooooo
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BuKshi Horath

  • BuKshi Horath¬†- The newest member of the band and boy does she like to Fiddle and Rock & Roll. BuKshi is a classically trained musical maestro. She can make the ‘Devil Go Down to Georgia’ better than any other band member.¬†Hungarian fiddle playing is known the world over for its passion, romance and virtuosity, and to most non-Hungarians, the music is synonymous with the campfire, the open road and the gypsies.