La La

Dr Vanya, Steed, Muffin and Ziggy

  • DR VANYA HELSINGBORG – Lead vocalist and the ‘Rock’ of the band. Vanya worked initially as senior goat herder to the Emir of Liechtenstein, but as she grew up she wanted more out of life and fled the ravages of the Liechtenstein civil war. She ended up as a ‘rock chick’ in London, Paris and Jeddah. On moving to Oman she took the lead in ensuring that Omans small indigenous population of desert Lemurs did not die out. Many gigs have raised money for this project that is dear to her heart. Her talents are diverse and unique, she really has made Riding on the Back of a Horse a classic in the racing world.
  • MUFFIN BURT – Muffin is more than a singer, she is an Artist, Life Coach, Teacher, Millionaire, conservationist and breeder of Arabian Hares. Her strong voice keeps the others on track during power cuts and beer driven interludes. She loves being a Rock & Roll singer and shows her enthusiasm at every gig – trust me, she is definitely one of the brightest 123 Orion stars.
  • STEED SCOTIA – Steed has a raw, soulful kiwi voice that tempts young ladies onto the dance floor, what a fantastic contribution he makes to the band. He performs best when its a ‘dressing up’ day. Away from the band he can be found jet skiing on one of Omans great rivers. In the evenings he sells hand pickled omani dates to tourists on Muttrah Corniche – he has become a local land mark of some significance – love is not too smaller word to describe peoples affection for his wrinkly dates.
  • ZIGGY GIBSON – The missing love child of David Bowie’s alter ego and that old Aussie rocker Mel Gibson – a sweet voice to sooth the soul. Ziggy has a smell of raw talent about her. She keeps on blasting out the hits, one after the other. She claims that she ‘Wants to go Home’, but we want her to stay out and party. Ziggy has a close affinity with Blind Boy McBracken – they both enter into mysterious conversations in broad patois that is born from a true rock and blues life style – ‘bring it on’ is fast becoming her ‘thing’ as well as her catch phrase.