Titus and Jango

  • TITUS CHUMP - Do not consider Titus as just another band member, he is more of an all round entertainer AND a drumming sensation. He drums like a man possessed and provides much needed entertainment with his sticks while Erich and Blind Boy are discussing the finer points of percussion. He turned professional at the age of 32 and is now available for hire, he specialises in weddings, beach/pool parties and of course ‘Because the Night BBQ ‘ at Ruwi fish market.

****Stop Press – Titus Chump will be performing very soon in York****

  • JANGO FABES - maybe it’s because of the aroma of mystery that surrounds him, but it seems like Jango has always been there. His flare for drums, keyboard, photography, drinking and cartwheels means that he has slotted in like a candle in a nunnery. Apparently during his tough school days the class of 42 voted him the most likely to succeed in millinery, and how right they were, what a top chap ;-)